Minnesota's Lily Hybridizers
Minnesota hybridizers in the garden
Liliy "Virgil"
Lily "Iowa Rose"

The Minnesotans on this list have shared their love of the genus lilium with the world. They have hybridized and registered beautiful lilies that many of us now enjoy in our own gardens. The North Star Lily Society is proud to share their stories. Click on the names below to read their biographies. This will be an ongoing project. Even now there are new lily varieties being created in gardens here in Minnesota. We anticipate adding more names in the future.

We have collected a number of the lilies created and registered by our hybridizers and are fortunate to have gardens dedicated to their future at Arneson Acres Park in Edina, Minnesota. The best time to see them is during their average peak bloom time which would be during the first two weeks in July.

Pictured are Minnesota's honored hybridizers and family. From the left: Lianne Peterson (Louise Koehler's granddaughter), Ruth Cocker, Nathelle Beadelle (Louise Koehler's granddaughter), Dean Hartle, Lisa Boutelle (Louise Koehler's granddaughter), Hugh Cocker, Merv Eisel, Lillian Maroushek, Tim Zimmerman and Marsha Hartle
Lilies on the right: Upper photo: L. 'Virgil' by Virgil Weiser and lower photo: L. 'Iowa Rose' by Richard Prochaska.

Hugh and Ruth Cocker
Rochester, Minnesota
Susie Johnson
Pipestone, Minnesota
Julius Wadekamper
Faribault, Minnesota
Ervin Doerr
New Ulm, Minnesota
Louise Koehler
Owatonna, Minnesota
Virgil Weiser
Hackensack, Minnesota
Merv Eisel
Fort McCoy, Minnesota
Lillian Maroushek
Hastings, Minnesota
Pearl Whipple
Zumbro Falls, Minnesota
Esther Gontarek
Owatonna, Minnesota
Richard Prochaska
New Prague, Minnesota
Tim Zimmerman
Hanover, Minnesota
Dean & Marsha Hartle
and Dr. Bob Gilman

Owatonna, Minnesota
Earl Tesca
Rochester, Minnesota
Tom Zimmerman
Hanover, Minnesota